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Photo: Mathias Saken 2004So dear reader, now it might get a bit prosy :-) I decided to extend the page with the technical Data considerably an add a lot of of other Data to this page. The list of sources has become very long and as alwas I'm glad about corrections. Some of the given numbers may not be exact, as they are stated differently everywhere. One example is the maximum speed. Silja Line still quotes 30.5 Knots everywhere, which has anyway never been the peak. Already in 1976, Finnjet reached 31,1 Knots on a testdrive. With the help of new gearings in 1994, all engines could be used together and the ship is supposed to have reached 33 Knots - empty however. According to Captain Slotte, the ship is able to go 32 Knots in good conditions. By taking in consideration that the Baltic Sea is mostly not deep enough for this speed anyway, I decided to state the max. speed with 32,5 Knots. Nevertheless Finnjet is still one of the fastest cruise ferries, even though there are nowadays ships of similar size and speed existing, e.g. of Minoan Lines. But also it is fact that the fuel consumption almost explodes at these speeds (with any propulsion type) and makes an economic use impossible.

And now follows the current ship data, subdivided into 19 different topics. To make your life comfortable, I have put the content topics as links here so that you can jump to your part of interest directly.

Name, Built, Shipyard and -number, Important Conversions, Registry and Classification, Certificates, Owner and Operator, Dimensions, Tonnage, Capacity of Persons, Capacity of Cargo and Load, Engines, Boiler and Fuel Consumptions, Gear units and Propellers, Navigational equipment, Speeds and Acceleration , Tank capacities , Safety equipment, Accomodation and Cabins, Passenger facilities and spaces.

State 2007. Last Update: 13.09.2007

Keel laid: 20.05.1975
Launched: 28.03.1976
Maiden Voyage: 13.05.1977
Shipyard and -number
Yard: OY Wärtsilä, Helsinki, Finland
Building number: 407
Important Convesrions
Installation of a diesel-electric propulsion in addition to the Gas Turbines
Refurbishment of passenger spaces and installation of Commdore cabins
Installation of new gearings to use all 4 engines simultaneously, new navigational equipment and refurbishment of passenger spaces
Refurbishment of passenger spaces and Installation of a stern thruster plus giving more power to one of the bow thrusters
Biggest refurbishments in passenger spaces in the ship's history, new stronger rudders and more power to the other bow thruster
Registry and Classification
Class: 1A1 ICE-1A* Car Ferry A MCDK E0
Classification company: Det Norske Veritas
Registry Number: 10020
IMO - Number: 7359632
Call sign: C6VQ3
Ice class: ICE-1A SUPER
Stability: SOLAS 90 / 4m Hs
Flag: Bahamas
Home port: Nassau
Certificates (issued by Det Norske Veritas and updated regularily)
CLCE Classification Certificate expires 30.12.2007
CCC Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate expires 30.12.2007
CEC Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate expires 30.12.2007
CRC Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate expires 30.12.2007
IOPP-A International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate expires 30.12.2007
IAPP International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate expires 30.12.2007
ISPP International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate expires 30.12.2007
TMC International Tonnage Certificate (1969) valid
Owner and Operator
Owner: Finnjet Bermuda Ltd. (subsidiary of SeaContainers)
Operator: SeaContainers Treasury Ltd.
Length overall: 214,96 m
Length BP: 200,52 m
Breadth: 25,40 m
max. Draught: 6,89 m
max. Draught to the end of the propeller: 7,59 m
Height to 4th Deck: 14,80 m
Height to 7th Deck: 23,20 m
Displacement: 16 500 m³
Gross Tonnage (GT, NOT BRT!): 32 975
Net Tonnage (NT, NOT NRT!): 17 288
Deadweight: 2728 tdw
Capacity of persons
Certified number of persons: 1951
Certified number of passengers: 1781
Passenger Berths (incl. Sleep chairs): 1631
Crew: max. 178 (20 at the moment)
Capacity of Cargo and Load
Lanemeters Deck 2: 715
Lanemeters Deck 3 (hoistable): 142
Breadth of the bow ramp: 4,50 m
Breadth of the stern ramp: 5,00 m
Height of the Cardeck: 4,25 m
Breadth of the Cardeck: 13,40 m
Car Capacity: ca. 325
Truck/Trailer/Bus Capacity: 50
Engines, Boiler and Fuel consumption
Main Engines  
Gas Turbines: 2x Pratt & Whitney FT 4C-1DLF
Power output: 2x 27 500 kW
Number of revolutions: 3 800 rpm
Specific fuel consumption at 3°c: 274 kg/MWh
Fuel Consumption per day and Turbine: 180t light/heavy fuel oil mixture
Electric motors: 2x Strömberg
Power output: 2x 7 200 kW (6 500 kVA)
Number of revolutions: 800 rpm
powered by  
Diesel generators: 2x Wärtsilä-Vaasa 18 V 32 Diesel
Power output: 2x 5 700 kW
Number of revolutions: ?
Fuel Consumption per day and Diesel: 20t Heavy fuel oil
Auxiliary Engines  
5 Diesel generators: Wärtsilä 12 V 22 + Strömberg HSPTL/R11/753B16
Power output: 5x 1 700 kVA cos 0,8 (together 8 384 kW)
Number of revolutions : 1 500 rpm
Fuel Consumption per day and Diesel: 2t Heavy fuel oil
Emergency Diesel on Deck 7  
Power output: 500 kVA cos 0,8
Number of revolutions: 1 500 rpm
2 Boilers  
Output: 1,94 kg/s (7 000 kg/h)
Pressure: 7-8 bar
Fuel Consumption per day and Boiler: 3,5t Heavy fuel oil (winter)
Side thrusters  
2x Bow thrusters: each 1400 kW
1x Stern thruster: 750 kW
Stabilizers: 2x AEG
Gear units and Propellers
2 Renk-Tacke BGS 276 lo Gear Units  
Max. transferable Power: 30 MW each
2 KaMeWa shiftable propellers 179 s1/4  
Diameter: 5 m
Number of revolutions: 175,5 rpm
Diameter of the propeller axles: 60 cm
Length of the propeller axles: 53 m
Navigational equipment
Electronic Seacharts: ECDIS
Computerdriven Satellite-nagivation-system: DGPS, NACOS 45
Radars: 3x Krupp ATLAS
Scale: 0,3 to 72 nautic miles
Speeds and acceleration
Maxima (abt.)  
2 Turbines + 2 Diesels: 32,5 knots
2 Turbines + 1 Diesel: 32,0 knots
2 Turbines: 31,1 knots
1 Turbine + 2 Diesels: 25 knots
1 Turbine + 1 Diesel: 24 knots
1 Turbine: 22 knots
2 Diesels: 17 knots
1 Diesel: 12 knots
Service speed (hull speed): ca. 24 knots
Acceleration 0-Vmax: 3 minutes
Braking Distance Vmax-0: 1 050 m
Tank Capacities
Heavy Fuel Oil: 1 750 m³
Light Fuel Oil: 125 m³
Diesel Oil: 125 m³
Freshwater: 1 075 m³
Boilerwater: 100 m³
Ballastwater: 2 100 m³
Safety equipment
Rescue boats: 11
Fast-Rescue boats: 1
Capacity: 1085 persons
Life rafts: 40
Capacity: 1000 persons
Accomodation and Cabins
Berth capacity: 1631
Number of cabins: 533
Cabin types:

82 x Sleep Chairs, Deck 7

  69 x Budget, 4 Berths, 4 m², Radio, Deck 1
  84 x Tourist I, 4 Berths, 10 m², Shower, Toilet, Phone, Radio, Deck 4-6
  199 x Tourist IS, 2 Berths, 8 m², Shower, Toilet, Phone, Radio, Deck 4-6
  50 x Seaside, 2 Berths, 12 m², Shower, Toilet, Fridge, TV, Radio, Phone, Safety box, Deck 4-6
  16 x Seaside, 3 Berths, 12 m², Shower, Toilet, Fridge, TV, Radio, Phone, Safety box, Deck 4-6
  85 x Seaside, 4 Berths, 12 m², Shower, Toilet, Fridge, TV, Radio, Phone, Safety box, Deck 4-6
  30 x Commodore, 2 Berths, 19,5 m², Shower, Toilet, Fridge, TV, Radio, Phone, Safety box, Deck 9
Berth capacity: 178 (202 incl. Driver's Cabins)
Number of Cabins: 95 (107 incl. Driver's Cabins)
Cabin types: 34 x Double cabin with porthole, 13 m², Deck 2 and 3
  53 x Double cabin with window, 15 m², Deck 7 and 8
  6 x Single Cabin with one sleep room, 25 m², Deck 8
  2 x Single Cabin with two sleep rooms, 43 m², Deck 8
12 x "Driver's Cabins", 2 Berths, with porthole, on Deck 3, 13m², are appearently not used as what the name says
Passenger facilities and spaces
Total area inside: 16 200 m²
Public spaces for passengers
inside (without Cabins):
5 700 m²
Total restaurant area: 2 062 m²
Total shop area: 595 m²
Bars Club Stardust, 120 Seats, Deck 9, Café and Disco
  Navigator's Pub, 70 Seats, Deck 6, Bar and Pub
  Ocean Club, 450 Seats, Deck 6, Bar and Show Lounge
Restaurants Buffet Silja, 348 Seats, Deck 4, Buffet Restaurant
  Robert's Coffee (Seaside Café), 150 Seats, Deck 6, Self Service and Café
  El Capitán, 55 Seats, Deck 5, Steak- and Grillrestaurant
  Maxim á la Carte, 126 Seats, Deck 5, A la Carte Restaurant
  Chef's Dining, 50 Seats, Deck 5, sophisticated á la carte restaurant
Shops SeaShop, Deck 5, incl. small TaxFree area
  Perfumes, Deck 5
  Ocean Images Photo Shop, 6 Photo-Terminals, Deck 6
Cinema Silja Cinema, 20 Seats, Deck 5
Day-nursery Siljaland, Deck 6
Sauna and Swimmingpool Oriana Spa, Deck 1
Conference spaces Stardust Cabinet, 14 Seats, Deck 10
  Commodore Lounge, 52 Seats, Deck 9
  Silja Cinema, 20 Seats, Deck 5

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Sources: Silja Line Brouchures, Books and further Articles
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