FINNJET Chronicle


In addition to other achievements, Finnjet also introduced to Finns the later very popular cruises of 24-hours at sea with no destination, passengers coming onboard only for the ship and it's entertainment, an important thing being tax-free shopping. Finnjet was the first baltic sea ferry to have cruise programs from the beginning and to hire cruise managers in 1985.

Since early 1980's until 1995 Finnjet made during the popular cruising season of November/December 24-hour cruises from Helsinki. These cruises were mostly made at weekends in addition to two weekly sailings on Helsinki-Travemünde route. Cruises had mostly an evening-departure from Helsinki with no destination, and arrival back was 24 hours later. The reason for maintaining non-daily 24-hour schedule was Finnish rules allowing passengers to bring tax-free products to Finland from voyages of minimum 24 hours. In 1995 Finland joined EU, and the time rule was changed to 20-hours. On the last year of these cruises Finnjet made a short visit to Tallinn, and the cruise time was shortened to 22-hours.

Here are listed all 24-hour cruises made by Finnjet 1985-1995 (information before 1985 missing)

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